Open House • Wednesday, March 21 • 6pm-8pm

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The Circle School is…
  • Effective: Happy kids practicing life, democracy, and community.
  • Open: Welcoming all who can thrive, preschool thru high school.
  • Convenient: Free bus service from 12 school districts, and only minutes from downtown Harrisburg.
  • Affordable: Financial aid for most families.
  • Proven: Since 1984, and akin to Sudbury Valley, Fairhaven, Clearwater, and dozens of other schools around the world.

Serving preschool, elementary, and high school-aged children from four through eighteen, The Circle School is an independent private day school located just minutes from downtown Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in Susquehanna Township. A pioneer in integral education, The Circle School’s program balances freedom and responsibility in a self-directed, democratic community. Students are free to choose their own activities, while sharing with staff responsibility for the day-to-day management of all aspects of the school, from enforcing democratically adopted laws to creating an annual budget. Use the links at the top of the page to explore this innovative alternative!