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Guided Introduction

This tour provides a quick introduction to some of the principles at work at The Circle School, and how they are reflected in the school’s daily program. Some of these ideas might be familiar, and some might be new. All are rooted in the basic premise that children have a natural impulse to grow toward healthy and effective adulthood.

As you explore The Circle School for your family, you’ll likely find other themes and principles that underlie the school’s program. For now, though, we’ll focus on the following ideas:

  • Successful childhood is a journey to independence.
  • Good citizenship skills are best cultivated in a democratic environment.
  • In an age-integrated community, adults and other children provide powerful examples of effective life skills.
  • Freedom is best mastered when balanced with responsibility.
  • School should be about practicing life.

If these principles, and their application in our daily program, are intriguing to you, after you’ve finished your tour, give us a call at 717-564-6700, or request an information packet online.