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Board of Trustees

Think of The Circle School as a self-governing society of children, teens, and staff adults, comparable to American society scaled down. Students and staff together, in School Meeting, govern the school community and manage school business, including funds, campus, staff, and more. A Board of Trustees preserves School Meeting’s governing autonomy, students’ civil liberties, and the school’s long-term assets.

Currently serving Board members are as follows: Connor Tyrrell (President), Johanna Bodnyk (Secretary), Rob White (Treasurer), Marianne Barton, Joan Cramer, Anna Hewit, Jim Rietmulder.

Contact the Trustees through the form below, or by sending mail in care of The Circle School, 727 Wilhelm Road, Harrisburg PA 17111.


Form submissions will be directed to the Board President, and copied to the Board Secretary and the school office.