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Admissions Process

During the admissions process, we will work with you to help both your family and the school evaluate the good fit between your child or teen and The Circle School, as well as to provide your student with the information he or she will need in order to make an informed choice about whether or not he or she wants to enroll. Our process can be broken down into three easy steps:

Jim Rietmulder, our Admissions Director

Jim Rietmulder, our Admissions Director

  1. Learn about The Circle School.

    • If you’re here, you’ve already started! There’s plenty here to explore, but when you’re ready to move on…
    • Request a free information packet, or give us a call at 717-564-6700.
    • Call with questions, or to schedule a visit.
  2. Come for an Admissions Visit.

    • Call 717-564-6700 to make an appointment for your family to visit.
    • At your Admissions Visit, you will meet with a representative of the school, usually our Admissions Director, to help both you and the school determine the good fit for your family. This is an opportunity for you to learn more about The Circle School, just as we’re getting to know you, so feel free to bring lots of questions! There is no fee for the Admissions Visit, and it creates no obligation to pursue enrollment.
    • We find it’s helpful to most students for all involved parents and/or guardians (even if non-custodial) to attend an Admissions Visit prior to enrollment, whether together or in separate meetings.
    • Admissions Visits take about two hours and are conducted during normal school hours during the school year, and with greater scheduling flexibility over the summer. If you’re considering fall enrollment and would like to see The Circle School’s program in action, you may wish to schedule your visit by March or April of the preceding year.
  3. Enroll!

    • At the conclusion of your Admissions Visit or soon after, we’ll invite you to enroll or we’ll tell you why we cannot offer admission. Before finalizing the enrollment, you may choose to submit a Financial Aid Application. (Click here for more information about our Financial Aid program, and to download the form.) If you’d like to move quickly, ask for a Financial Aid Application during your visit, or download and submit it at any time before or after your Admissions Visit. You’ll receive a financial aid statement within a few days after filing.
    • Call us at 717-564-6700 to schedule your registration meeting to complete the enrollment.
    • At your registration meeting, you will go over some general orientation, sign the enrollment contract, make an initial deposit, and make arrangements for payment of the remainder of tuition costs. We’ll also send you some forms to be filled out before the meeting, to expedite the process. Custodial parents and all enrolling students from your family should attend the registration meeting, which usually takes no more than two hours.

You’re enrolled! Great! Now what?

Start coming to school! (On your agreed upon start date, of course.)

Each new student’s first four weeks is called their Practice Period, a time to settle in and make sure there’s a good fit between the student and the school and family. During the Practice Period, after two weeks and again after four weeks, we ask the parents and student to come in for a “check-in meeting.” During the check-ins, the school will give you feedback about how things are going, and we ask for your feedback, too. During the Practice Period, if you or the school find that the fit isn’t as good as we thought it would be, you or the school can end the enrollment with no financial penalty. At the end of the Practice Period, if you or the school are not sure about the goodness of fit, we extend the Practice Period for another two weeks and schedule another check-in meeting. We want to be sure the school will meet your high expectations! After the Practice Period, the school asks you to make a commitment to continue the enrollment for at least a year.

Does The Circle School sound like a great place for your family? Ask for an information package and then come visit!